Invisible marked playing cards detector

Playing cards detector, also can called playing cards analyzer, it is use for predicting the outcome of various kinds of poker games. Here, we will introduce some kinds of playing cards detector for you.
1. CVK series playing cards detectors, there are CVK 350 poker analyzer, CVK 350 all in one poker analyzer software, CVK 400 poker winner predictor, CVK 500 poker hand analyzers.
2. AKK series playing cards detectors, there are AKK K2 poker hand analyzer, AKK K3 poker odds calculator, AKK K4 poker out calculator, AKK A1 poker predictor.
3. PK King series poker predictors, such as PK King S508 poker winner predictor, PK King S608 poker hand analyzer, PK King S708 playing cards scanning systems.
4. Other playing cards detector like V68 poker analyzer device, MDA poker scanning system and so on.
All of them can work with an extra poker scanning camera to scanning the barcode marked cards in various poker games, then calculating the accurate game result after receiving the barcode signal sent out from the poker camera lens. What is more, the all in one poker hand analyzer will be more functional and no necessary to operate with other poker scanners, because it has a HD poker spy lens inside for scanning barcode juiced decks.
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