Invisible Ink Marking Playing Cards

Invisible ink marked cards is a magic device which preferred by many poker players to increase their winning odds in poker card games. Do you know what kind of deck of playing cards is printable?

Usually, the marked cards are made with the contact lens invisible ink, that means only the special marked playing cards contact lenses or special glasses that see through playing cards can do that. Some people may think that all kinds of poker cards can be processed as marked invisible marked cards. In a certain way, it is. However, the quality of them will be varied. The marked cards for sale in market have different quality degree, because there are many difficulties to mark a deck of cards perfectly. Usually the professional one is very expensive. And some are very difficult to mark, such as Fournier WSOP, PTW, KEM. In our company, we have various kinds of professional printable deck of playing cards for sale, they are all in the best price and are in good quality.

If you are doubt with it you can contact us and require some sample cards for test. It will not disappoint you!