Luminous contact lenses Marked domino

Domino games are well-known game in the world. If you want to enjoy different kinds of domino games, there are some tools, one of them is marked dominoes. If you using invisible ink marked domino with luminous contact lenses, it will bring more chances for you.

The marked dominoes are printed with the invisible ink on back or sides. We have marked the invisible numbers or dots on back or sides of dominoes. You can see the invisible marks with naked eyes and only the perspective contact lenses (IR or UV contact lenses) can read them. Therefore, if you wear a pair of IR lenses, you are able to see the pips of domino, even they face down. With those marked dominoes with invisible ink in game, you are capable of playing well in each section. In the end, your chances will be increased to the largest extent. To be honest, only printed dominoes processed by us can work well with luminous contact lenses.