Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Invisible ink marked cards, also be called as luminous ink marked cards, is one of the magic cards cheating tricks. Different from the code marked deck cards, the invisible marked cards only can be detected by the infrared contact lenses for playing cards or invisible ink glasses that can see through playing cards.

Usually, there are ultraviolet invisible ink marked cards and infrared luminous ink marked cards for sale in marked. Of course, they are only for the infrared contact lenses and invisible ink glasses. These marked playing cards with glasses we made are processed with the luminous ink we developed, there are various invisible ink formula and match for different color, different material and different brand of cards.

The markings on the invisible ink contact lenses marked cards are different. The default one is a big font on the backsides of each piece of cards. While some people prefer marking 4 small fonts on 4 corners, or personalized some special markings, this is OK.

These invisible ink marked playing cards with glasses can be used for long time. However, please store them in a cool and dry place with sealed package.