Invisible Ink Glasses Poker

When referring to the marked cards poker games, a magic marked cards reader is very essential. Usually, there are two kinds of marked cards detectors for choice, the cheating infrared contact lenses and marked poker cards sunglasses. If you do not like using the invisible ink contact lenses for playing cards, the invisible ink glasses poker reader is a good choice for you.

Different from the invisible marked cards contact lenses, the invisible ink glasses poker no need to touch your eyes balls directly, that if you do not like using the marked playing cards contact lenses, this marked playing cards with glasses can cater to you perfectly.

As a professional supplier of playing cards cheating device in China, we have developed various degrees of invisible ink glasses poker detector for sale.

The normal quality one, that is the plastic marked poker cards sunglasses, which has the purple lenses fixed by the plastic frame, from the appearance, it is a regular sunglasses that no any attraction.

The medium quality one, the Aviator marked playing cards with sunglasses. This is the medium-end one and it can be used to see the invisible ink markings on the backs the marked cards poker clearly. The lenses of this magic marked cards glasses is light purple which fixed with golden color frame, suitable for various occasions.

The newest one, the high-end quality invisible ink sunglasses poker are developed by GS quality perfectly, there are various colors of the lenses for choice: light blue, dark blue, purple, yellow, black, dark silver, light silver. More imported, this new designed marked playing cards with glasses can see the invisible ink on the marked cards poker very clearly. It is designed with the advanced-fashionable elements, a good eye-wear accessory, a professional marked cards reader.

We have various invisible ink glasses poker detector for sale, no matter which type and price range you are interested, you can find the most satisfied one here!