Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

Infrared invisible ink contact lenses for playing cards is widely used in the poker cheating games or magic shows. With the development and improvement, now the invisible ink for playing cards made by our technicians is a ripe products and can make perfect luminous ink marked cards with glasses. Only with the special infrared luminous ink contact lenses, can you detect the infrared luminous ink markings on the magic marked cards.

Various invisible ink marked cards contact lenses for sale?

The invisible ink contact lenses for playing cards are different. The magic luminous ink contact lenses are designed for detecting the invisible ink marked cards. The one will not change your eyes color and can be used long for 8 hours every time. The newest version omnipotent marked cards contact lenses for all kinds of back marked cards poker. As we know, there are UV luminous marked cards decks and IR marked playing cards with sunglasses, this new luminous contact lenses are customized for both juiced cards, that means it can be used to read both ultraviolet marked playing cards and infrared invisible ink glasses poker.

The marked cards invisible ink contact lenses will not hurt anybody eyes, it is very safe and soft.

Maybe many people prefer the invisible ink glasses that can see through playing cards, however, the luminous ink contact lenses for playing cards also an excellent alternative.