invisible ink barcode marked cards

What is edge bar code playing cards? How to make a edge bar code playing cards? Before we have mention that you can use invisible ink to make back marked cards, in order to impress you on the marked cards, here we repeat again.
Do you know what is invisible ink barcode marked cards? Have you ever used it? In fact, barcode marked cards is as same as contact lenses marked cards in some way. Both of them are processed with normal manufactured playing cards and playing card marking ink. However, edged barcode marked cards can need to work with poker camera or poker predictor. Unlike luminous ink back marked cards, barcode marked cards cannot be read directly, even if you use marked cards contact lenses or perspective sunglasses that can see ink, only the poker scanner can scan them, such as cigarette box poker scanner, wallet poker camera, cell phone playing cards scanning camera, watch playing cards scanner and so on.
Besides, if you want to know the poker game result in advance, barcode marked cards is necessary.