Invisible ink Aviator marked playing cards

Aviator is a well-known, classic and trusted poker brand with a long rich history. It was originally introduced back in 1927 to commemorate Charles Lindberghs Trans-Atlantic flight aboard the Spirit of St. Louis. The Aviator decks, both Aviator Pinochle and Aviator Heritage, all feature a bordered back and a smooth finish.

Due to the excellent quality and the sophisticated skills of our technicians, the Aviator can be marked as invisible ink back marked cards and barcode marked deck cards. In order to work in poker cheat, the former needs to be used together with poker perspective infrared glasses (contact lenses or sunglasses ), and the latter needs to used together with poker analyzer system.

We apply the most advanced technology and equipment to print luminous invisible ink marks on the backs or edges of marked deck of cards. In spite of the marks, there is nearly no chromatic aberration between the Aviator marked decks and the Aviator original decks. Both the back marks and edge marks are water-resistant and wear-resistant, capable of being scanned by poker cameras even after we rub the cards against the table or immerse them in water. They can stay unfading as long as 2 years if be stored well!

In addition to Aviator back marked cards,  marked decks of many other brands are also available from our company, such as Bee contact lenses marked cards, Bicycle marked decks, Copag marked cards, KEM luminous marked playing cards, Fournier invisible marked poker cards, Da Vinci luminous marked deck of cards, Modiano infrared back marked cards, Dal Negro invisible ink playing cards, Royal marking poker cards and so on. Besides, we can also process your card decks into marked decks if you like. Welcome to contact us!