Infrared marked cards for sale

Infrared ink is a magic ink material to mark concealable markings on different articles. With the experienced skill, our technicians can make the best invisible ink to mark the infrared invisible marked cards poker.

There are 2 types of infrared marked playing cards for sale in our company.

The infrared contact lenses marked deck cards, if you are very first time to use the marked cards kit, this magic juiced decks is highly recommended. This infrared ink invisible ink marked playing cards have secret invisible ink markings on the backsides. Only working with the marked playing cards contact lenses can you read them and to know the cards in advance. They are relative cheap and easy to operate.

The another one is the infrared poker camera deck cards, this cards are made with another specialized infrared ink, which cannot detected by people naked eyes, even they wear the invisible ink contact lenses for playing cards or infrared marked cards with glasses. If you want to know the secret of this magic IR invisible marked cards, only the special infrared poker camera scanner can do that.

If you are the first time to use these magic marked poker cards kit, the first invisible ink pen contact lenses for playing cards is recommended.