Infrared Contact Lenses Price

As a leading entertainment products manufacturer in China, we mainly deal in developing and selling the best playing cards kit, Pai Gow kit, Mahjong kit, Roulette set, Domino set, dice gadgets. And the luminous ink kits of marked cards series are very popular, while referring to buying the luminous ink readers, such as infrared contact lenses, many people lack of ways to check the supplier and don't know which are professional and which are a hoax.

GS has been developed professional marked cards kits supplier since more than decade ago, the products we manufacture and sell are all in professional quality and after processing, we have strict quality control to guarantee the quality of all products.

The infrared contact lenses are process with the high quality regular prescription contact lenses and state-of-the-art Sandwich Technology and Laser Staining System. Many people will find that the average price of the infrared contact lenses re high and some may over 900 USD each pair, so they prefer to find the cheap marked playing cards contact lenses, it is fine, but it need to pay attention to that most of them are hoax.

Usually, when import the professional regular contacts, the price is high due to the strict import tax, and for the sophisticated technology, most important, no any supplier willing to bear the loss in the deal. If the sale price is cery cheap, the cost to make the products must low. How to produce a products in low cost? It must need to cut some high costs procession!

Infrared Contact Lenses Price

As a manufacturer, the using safe degree is the prior guarantee of products. To meet different customer's different need, we do have various degrees infrared marked playing cards contact lenses for sale. But they are all safe and will not change the user's eyes' color. However, the professional infrared contact lenses can see the markings on the back of marked deck cards very clearly and after wearing, the vision is a little purplish. For the normal cheap infrared contact lens, they also can be used to detect the invisible ink markings easily, but the effect of this one is not good as the professional one, when you wear these lenses, the vision will be reddish.