Infrared Contact Lenses For Marking Cards

Card marking has magic power and usually be used for poker magician street magic performances, magic poker show or poker cheating. Its large advantages has been around for many years and developed several generations. When it comes to card marking, there are many selections and strategies to use.

Just as mentioned on the Card Marking Ink For Cheating, the luminous ink is the newest tool for cards marking in town. There are 2 ways to detect the luminous ink:

1. Using luminous ink glasses to see luminous ink

2. Using infrared contact lenses to see luminous ink

For these 2 ways, using the infrared contact lenses for card marking is the best way to detect the luminous ink. Because they closer to pupils and will not change the color of your eyes. It is safer and can be used to detect the luminous ink markings clearer. There are two types of luminous ink contact lenses, the infrared contact lenses and ultraviolet invisible ink contact lenses. When you put the former contact lenses in your eyes, your vision will be transformed into a red vision and you can detect the infrared ink markings, because the IR contact lenses have small infrared ink filters built into the lenses, when you put the later lenses in your eyes, the vision will be turned purple because of the purplish ink filters built into the lenses.

The infrared ink sunglasses are more suitable to detect the invisible ink marking on the backs of red backed marked playing cards. However, the infrared contact lenses for marking cards is the most effective and discreet method to detect the luminous infrared ink markings. These magic marked cards contact lenses are made of the same material regular prescription contact lenses are made out of. The invisible ink contact lenses for spying playing cards have different types to cater to different people who eyes color are different, they are personalized for black eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes.

Infrared Contact Lenses For Cards Marking

Warm tips:

1. The infrared contact lenses should be treated as the regular prescription contact lenses.

2. The infrared contact lenses should be stored at room temperature in a clean contact lens case and soak them in the pure water, the glass bottle is better.

3. The infrared contact lenses should be cleaned with the contact lenses solutions before and after each use.

4. If you are the very first time to use infrared contact lenses for card marking, please extend your wearing time gradually, it is not a good way to wear it for the whole day at the first time.