How to use CVK poker analyzer

CVK series poker hand odds calculator is a magic devices which can be used to scan the barcode marked deck cards and forecast their outcomes. Have you ever used them?

CVK series poker hand analyzer are comes with Samsung cell phone exterior design and has the functions which a Samsung mobile phone has. To meet poker players need, CVK poker processor have developed several generations. CVK 350 poker hand analyzer, CVK 400 poker winner predictor as well as CVK 500 playing cards analyzer for helping poker players to predict the game result. With the CVK poker odds calculator, you can get the accurate playing cards outcomes within 1 second.

It is very easy to handle the CVK poker out calculator:

1. Turning on the CVK poker calculator, then enter the playing cards game program setting surface;

2. There are several setting options for your choice, selecting the games you want o play, setting the poker game result you want to know, changing the number of poker players, changing the method of receiving the poker result;

3. Click Start, then you just need to place the CVK poker winner analyzer on the poker table, it will calculate the poker card game result automatically;

4. You will receive the playing card game outcomes through mini earpiece.

Is it very easy? The CVK poker analyzer device also has many others magic functions and can be used for several playing card games with 1 device.

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