How To Mark Cards With Invisible Ink

Many people question "How can I mark cards?" in Quora. Card marking is a miraculous art and requires much practice. There are several ways to mark card, while most of them are not reliable and are noticeable and will eventually get you caught by other people around, these are the inferior ways to mark playing cards:

1. Marking slightly different symbols on the backs of each piece of poker card;

2. Bending corners of each piece of card;

3. Wearing down all deck of cards;

4. Hidden camera to detect the poker cards.

To date, these 4 methods are past and the newest and discreet one is developed. What is it that can beat all the past systems and has been the reliable and discreet way to mark cards? Marking Cards With Luminous Invisible Ink.

Luminous ink is a new type invisible ink used to mark the invisible markings which is undetectable to the naked eyes on the back of the backed poker cards, usually backed blue and red (other colors are OK but all need to depends on the backed pattern on the cards), yet only with a infrared ink filter lens can you see this new developed technology which can burn luminous ink markings onto the poker cards. Many people use this luminous ink to cheat or fun others and some people, there are many legends you read about by using this magic luminous ink cards trick, taking the poker sharks as an example, they utilize this magic infrared invisible ink to win the playing card games.

Invisible Ink Pen Luminous Ink For Marking Cards

Here we go, how to mark cards with invisible ink? Actually, anyone can use this luminous ink to mark cards by themselves of any brand of card, what you need is the luminous ink kit. For card marking, you need to start off with whole set of luminous ink kit includes invisible ink, infrared ink filter and an invisible ink pen, if you are the very first time to mark cards, direction is necessary.

1. To start off, you can use a piece of cards to practice, like the Joker card. You would soak the tip of a invisible ink pen into the luminous ink until the pen are filled with the luminous ink, if you do not want to have much infrared ink on the luminous ink pen, you can press the leads of pen or cover the pen leads with wet tissue or paper towel or cloth, they will soak the unnecessary infrared ink.

2. Marking any markings you want, whatever the number, letter, font, symbol or other misc, just mark the invisible ink markings same as you are writing daily. After waiting a few seconds, wipe the luminous ink off the back of card with paper towel or cloth. The longer time you wait, the darker it will burn into the poker card.

3. Many people find that after finished marking, the luminous ink is so dark that is visible to the naked eyes at some point. So to mark the perfect marked cards, you would practice more and try to find the best time to wrap the card off at different times until the best one for you are blended on the practice card. Once this is confirmed, to start of marking your own cards!

How to mark cards with luminous ink? Finding your most suitable blend of infrared luminous ink and marking perfect invisible ink card with it.