How To Control Dice Throw

Remote control dice is a magic dice cheating device which can help you to get the number you want easily. Many people will use this set to control dice to get rich. But if the device isn't in good quality, the effect may far from ideal.

A whole set remote control dices include a magnetic dice table, a remote control and some remote control dices. For show magnetic dice magic, the remote control dice only work if they are throw on the remote contol dices and controlled by the remote control, otherwise, they just throw as regular dices.

How to control dice throw?

When you use the remote control dices set, different from the loaded dices or mercury dices, you just need to throw them, the number will appear. There are some points need to care about:

1. There are 4 buttons on the remote control, while only 2 of them can work while other 2 is just ornament, no practical function. When you receive the remote control set, there will have a usng instruction to guide you which 2 is the true button.

Remote Control Dice

2. The remote control plate have a magnetic center to attract the remtoe control dice, the dicesare thrown more near to the magnetic center, the suction is stronger, the result is more accurate. Which means you can get the number you want easier and more accurate.

How To Control Dice Throw

3. Before you throwing the dices, you need to press the button to control to generate the anode and the cathode magnetic field of the remote control plate. Only loose the button until the dices are stop rolling, otherwise the result will not the one you want. Of course, you can control this set by yourself but if you have partner, it will be better.

Although the remote control dice are processed, however, the weight of them will not change obviously and the appearance will have no differnet from the regular one you have. 95% dces in the market can be processed as the remote control dice, even the transperant dices, for example, Las Vegas dices. After procession, the Las Vegas dices have no difference from the one in casino and if you want to mark some special number on them, it is OK too. We also have other type of remote control dices with different size and different color, 10mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm and 20mm, black, red, blue, yellow, white, green, purpleand so on.

Remote Control Dice

If you need special requirement, please contact our professional sales and we will customize them accordance with your specific needs.