How To Cheat At Card Games - Stacking The Deck

Poker card game is exciting, to win, many poker player use different tricks and tools to help. When cheating in the card game, usually the tricks and simple math is used. One of the samples is stacking the cards, and it has several types.

1. Prepare a deck of ideal cards and using an overhand shuffle. Search for ideal cards using an overhand shuffle. For example, place the long edge of the cards you selected along the base of your last three fingers; support the top edge of the playing cards with your index finger; wrap your pinkly around to support the bottom edge of the whole deck of card; rest your thumb on the face of the cards; the whole deck of card is held vertically and at this time, the back of cards resting on your fingers.

Overhand shuffle


A. Grab the whole deck with your shuffling hand placing your thumb in the center of the bottom edge of the poker cards. Place your index finger on the center of the top edge of deck of cards.

B. Pull a majority of the playing cards from the center of the deck into your shuffling hand slid gently some of the cards off the top with the supporting hand to keep the cards in your palm.

C. Press the cards with your thumb toward the fingers of the supporting hand and drop the playing cards from your shuffling hand back onto the top of the playing cards in the supporting hand.

D. Repeat this shuffle. Peel off more cards from the deck in your shuffling hand with the thumb of the supporting hand, until most of the cards are back in the supporting hand. If there are not enough poker cards left to shuffle in the shuffling hand, drop the rest of the decks on the top of the stack in the supporting hand.

E. Tilt your supporting hand slightly past vertical so that you can see the face of the cards. Search for the cards you want in your hand.

2. Float ideal cards to the top of the whole deck of cards. If you want to get an ideal card and which is identified in your hand, just drag the rest of the cards off of it, so that the card you want is at the bottom of the whole deck. Pull your thumb across the card you want in your hand. Pinch it between your thumb and forefinger to drag it to the top of the deck of cards.

Float ideal cards


A. Continue to shuffle the rest of the cards after floating your ideal card to the top to hide the move.

B. Keep the playing card on top by performing a slip to hold it in place. Firmly place your last three fingers on the top card as you shuffle the others through the deck.

C. Use a second card deal to deal yourself the top cards and deal the second card to everyone else. For instance, if you are playing poker game, you will want to have 5 cards on top which set up a good hand for yourself.

D. If you are playing a partner game, like Euchre, consider placing more complimentary cards on top of the whole deck and dealing off the top to your partner as well.

3. Reverse the order of the cards for a bottom deal. If you have placed all your ideal cards at the top of the deck, use the overhand shuffle to reverse the order of the deck and place your cards at the bottom. Grab the entire deck with your shuffling hand and slip one card at a time off the deck with the thumb of your supporting hand until you have gone through the entire deck.

Reverse the order of the cards


A. Now that the ideal cards are on the bottom of the whole deck of cards, you can use a bottom deal to set yourself up with a good poker hand, while dealing to everyone else off the top.

4. Order the cards to fall in your hand. Cut the deck in half and place each half on the table to perform a table shuffle. Press the bottom half of each deck with your fingers while lifting the inner corners of the deck upward. Control the cards as they fall and shuffle. When you get to the top of the deck, drop the number of cards you need between the two cards you want in your hand so they will fall to you when you shuffle.

Order the cards to fall in your hand


A. The number of cards between each one you want in your hand will be the number of players minus one, which is you.

B. It is better to get too few cards in between on your first shuffle, because you can always shuffle again to add more.

C. This is especially useful for a game like Poker where you will be dealing a hand to several people at the table.

The methods mentioned above are suitable to the dealer and need to practice very often to perform perfectly.