How much of marked playing cards

As a seller of marked cards products, I have met so many customers who were interested in marked cards devices but thought too expensive. So what the prices are can they be satisfied with?

We take an example with Copag 1546 marked cards. To ensure the quality of marked playing cards, we have been always importing original playing cards from foreign countries. Counting with shipping cost, Customs clearance fees, losses during transport and the cost of invisible ink, labor, a deck of invisible ink Copag 1546 marked cards is valued at 80 USD, which is really normal. Not to say poker analyzer and barcode marked cards scanner these technology products.

Next time when you hear about one deck of marked cards is 70 or 80 USD, don't be shocked. If you really want to buy one but you question about their quality, you can buy several playing cards as sample and send by the cheapest shipping way like EMS.