How does one to one poker camera work

Poker camera is widely to be used to scan barcode marked cards. There are many kinds poker cameras in market, such as lighter poker camera, wallet poker scanning camera, card key poker camera, cell phone poker predictor scanner, watch poker scanner. However, the marked cards which can be detected by these poker camera also can be scanned by others who have poker camera. However, with our one to one poker camera, you no need to worry so much.

One to one poker camera is very special and reliable. With this unique poker camera lens, you could know the card information very easily. Even several poker players also use poker cameras at the same time on a same poker table, their poker camera lenses cannot scan these barcode marked cards and detect your one to one poker camera lens. Besides, like regular playing card scanning camera, these one to one poker camera lens also can be installed into many items, like one to one cell phone playing cards scanning camera lens, one to one lighter marked cards camera lens, one to one car key poker scanner lens, one to one wallet playing cards scanner lens and one to one watch playing cards scanner lens.

These magic one to one poker camera can be used in poker games whenever and wherever you want. If you are interested in them, please contact us!