How Do You Cheat At Cards?

Playing cards game is exciting and winning is the ultimate goal everybody wants. To gain success in the poker games, there are much deception is used. The cheating methods are various and most of them are related to the card manipulation. In this article, I will go into some card manipulation.

When engaging in a card trick, there are some objects maybe be adopted, marked cards, exchanging machine, cards reader and misc.

Marked Cards

Marked cards are the basic tools for card trick, there is no special delicate skill is required when using them. The marked cards have special markings on the cards which need luminous ink reader to detect. To get the best effect with these marked playing cards, fairy doctored cards are required. But because not all the marked cards are made perfectly, if the marked cards aren't the excellent quality one, sometimes can catch attention from others.

Marked Cards

There are various ways to mark cards, many people like marking cards in playing cards by squeezing the cards between thumb and forefinger, or crimping the corners, grease markings, dirt markings and misc. And the newest technology is printing the infrared luminous ink into the cards to make the special luminous markings which are invisible to naked eyes. With these cards, only the users know how to detect them and will prepare the luminous ink reader kit beforehand, that they have the edges to know what cards others have and what will be the next cards or know the game result directly. The luminous ink marked cards are required a lot because many people only use them once.

Exchanging Cards With Hand Mucker

There are various items can be used to exchanging cards, generally, the one who prepare to cheat in game will set the cards he may need in advance, if he get bad cards, the device can help he to get the beneficial cards. But there is a problem, after the cards are exchanging, the whole deck of cards is "incomplete" because some cards are less and some cards are more, if someone is noted this it may arouse suspicion. In playing card games, the marked cards will be discarded quickly so they are almost impossible to be noticed by others.

Exchanging Cards With Hand Mucker

Planed Shuffling

Because of high difficulty, this method required considerable skill and many years of practice. The important points is, the method only can give the advantage to dealers or the collusion of dealer, as we known, only dealer shuffle and deal the cards. The ways of planed shuffling can be classified as The Cold Deck, False Shuffling, False Dealing, and Confederacy.

Shuffling Cards Tricks - Planed Shuffling

The planed shuffling required many years of practice, so it used rarely in the cards games, but not except that some masters can handle this.

How Do You Cheat At Cards?

If you are a green hand and want to a convenient way, the luminous ink marked cards and infrared reader (invisible ink contact lenses and infrared ink glasses) are good choice.

If you don't like marked cards and also not a dealer, the exchanging cards with hand mucker maybe more suitable.

If you like challenge, try to practice to be a shuffle master.

Please note that all mentioned above are suitable for magic show or private entertainment show only.