GS Marked Modiano Skat Cards

With stringent marked cards printer machine, luminous invisible ink as well as professional technicians, GS can provide best Modiano Skat marked cards for various customers.
As one of the most popular poker games in Germany and USA, Modiano Skat is a specialty playing cards of it. Due to its excellent characteristic, we can process them as various kinds of marked playing cards.
One is luminous ink Modiano Skat marked playing cards, it includes contact lenses marked cards as well as infrared marked deck. For contact lenses marked cards, the invisible ink marks on the backsides of marked cards only can be read by the marked cards contact lenses or perspective sunglasses that can read ink. For IR marked deck, which only can be detected by the infrared poker cameras.
The other one is barcode Modiano Skat marked cards, our sophisticated technicians process the original Modiano Skat playing cards with invisible ink barcode at all edges of each piece of cards. Working this magic scanning edged barcode marked cards, poker camera and poker predictor, you can know the poker game result in advance.