GS Coapg poker stars marked playing cards

Copag Poker Stars deck is one kind of Copag series playing cards, It is made of 100% plastic material, which is completely washable and extremely durable, due to its excellent quality, we can process them as Copag poker star marked playing cards.

Usually, we process various kinds of material playing cards with specialized invisible ink and marked cards printer machine by our professional staff. There are Copag back contact lenses marked deck of cards, side barcode marked Copag poker star marked playing cards and infrared marked cards.

The contact lenses marked cards have the invisible marks printed on card backs with luminous cards marking ink, it usually working with contact lenses for playing cards or infrared luminous ink sunglasses that can see ink. Side barcode marked cards are marked with invisible ink barcode on the side of Copag poker star playing cards, it can be worked with playing cards scanning camera as well as poker analyzer to forecast the poker game result. Infrared marked cards is marked with special infrared invisible ink and which only can be read by special playing cards scanning camera.

All of the back marks and edge marks are water-resistant and wear-resistant, even you rub them against the table oor immerse them in water, it also can work perfectly.