Fournier Spanish best marked cards

 Do you like playing Fournier marked cards? Fournier is a good quality playing cards which originated from the Spanish, and there are popular in many countries around the world.

Here, with the sophisticated processing skill and stringent marking cards printer, we can mark the Fournier Spanish marked playing cards to be best Spanish Fournier marked poker cards. There are mainly Three kinds of Fournier marked decks we supply.

1. Invisible ink marked cards for contact lenses. We mark the best invisible ink on the backs of the Fournier marked deck of cards with big font or four small fonts on the four corners of each piece of cards. Without the special infrared contact lenses for playing cards or IR perspective sunglasses that can detect the invisible ink, no one can find its secret from their appearance.

2. Infrared Fournier back marked poker cards, this magic IR marked deck cards only can be detected by the long scanning distance infrared poker camera instead of the marked cards contact lenses or luminous ink sunglasses. Working the infrared juiced cards and IR marked playing cards scanner, you can see the infrared ink markings which indicates the point and suit of each piece of cards in a background TV displayer.

3. The barcode marked playing cards. Different from the back contact lenses marked cards or infrared marked playing cards, this magic juice marked decks only can be scanned by the playing cards scanning camera and analyzed by the poker analyzer software. Working this magic marked cards tool, you can know the accurate poker game result before the dealer dealing and turning the cards.

Which kind of Fournier Spanish marked poker cards are you interested in? If you want to know more information of these magic marked deck poker, welcome contact us at any time!