Fournier No. 12 Spanish marked cards

Fournier No.12 playing cards are feature magic pattern and suitable for special poker card games. When playing the games, if you have a magic Fournier No.12 marked cards, you can be a magic predictor of the card games.

The Fournier No.12 marked deck cards are processed with the original Spanish Fournier marked poker cards. And from the appearance, no one can find the secret of these Fournier No.12 luminous ink marked playing cards. If you use the cards and know their secret, you can detect the secret invisible ink markings with our infrared marked playing cards contact lenses or luminous ink marked cards sunglasses that can detect the invisible ink markings on the back Spanish marked decks. The markings are mark with the best invisible ink formula and stringent marked cards printer, they are very lasting and waterproof.

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