Dice Cheating Device

The dices cheating device are used commonly in dices game, among them, the remote control dices set are the hot sale one, because it is very easy to operate and can be help users to get the number you want easily. The whole set of remote control dices includes a remote control table (magnetic dice table), remote control dices, remote control. Here, we have the professional remote control dice for sale.

Remote Control Dice

98% dices can be processed as remote control dices. Such as the square corner dices, rounded corner dices, transparent dices (include the Las Vegas dice) as well as animal dices, Usually, the remote control dices at 2 sides in 1 dice, the 2 sides are opposite and 1 is anode and 1 is cathode. Use the remote controller; you can control the dice to be rolled what you want finally.

Remote Control Dice For Sale

Remote Control Device

The remote control device are same as a normal car key remote control, there are 4 button A, B, C and D, 2 of them can be used to control the remote control dices. One remote control device can manipulate many remote control magnetic dices at the same time. The remote control device is battery-powered device, if it is runs out of the power, please replace a new one, the battery is the regular 3A battery and can get from local store conveniently.

Remote Control Table (Magnetic Dice Table)

The remote control table are convolved with the multiple copper coil, after the power connection with the remote control device, a positive or negative magnetic field are generated and then you can remote control the remote control dice with magnetic to get the pip you want. The remote control dices table usually is installed under the table or insert in it, which is means, the exterior design of your dice table is same and others can't notice any difference.

Remote Control Table (Magnetic Dice Table)

Besides the remote control table, some people prefer to use plate to play the dices (same as below picture), in fact, our skillful technicians also can process it as a professional remote control plate for magnetic dices. Although the plate is smaller than the magnetic dice table, but it can work well, usually, this magic remote control dice plate will work with the rubber dices which is softer than the regular plastic dices.

Remote Control Plate For Magnetic Dices

If the dice cheating device can meet your requirement and you want something special, please contact our professional sales for more information. If you send us the specific requirement, our technicians can customize a unique magic dice cheating device for you.