Dice Ceramic Bowl With Magic Power As X Ray

In most of the dice game, people will use plastic dice cup, wooden dice cup to roll the craps dices that the participator will bet the number with cash or poker chips, such as in China KTV (Karaoke Television), Macau casino, Las Vegas casino, personal entertainment club even the underground casino. Do you have ever use the ceramic dice bowl in the craps?

Of course, usually, the ceramic dice bowl are the regular dice cup with lid and non-perspective that player can't know the exact dice number before the dice bowl is unlidding. From the exclusive products coverage we supply, you can dominate various kinds of craps dices game easily. The porcelainous bowl dice scanner camera which has perspective functions as if X-ray to see through the cup to read the craps points.

Ceramic Bowl Dice Scanner Camera

The porcelainous dice bowl scanning camera is a miracle entertainment scanner which has built-in scanning camera lens inside to see through the dice cup. Different from the plastic cheap dice cups, vintage leather dice cup or genuine leather dice cup, the porcelaneous dice cup are personalized accordance with different needs of different users with multitudinous sizes.

This professional ceramic dice bowl scanner should be in excellent quality if you use it in craps games. When it is about to running out of battery power you can charge the batteries of the cameras. Ceramic dice bowl scanner mainly used as the cheating devices is various accessions but also can use in other gambling dices games like Backgammon, Chō-han, Farkle, Liar's dice and so much more.

Dice Cup to Read Result

The porcelainous dice bowl scanner camera have a local dice scanner and signal receiver to receive the image and displayer to show the dices number which present inside the dice cup set. The basic purpose of developing this set is helping users to identify the points in making bet in the dice games. The whole set of this equipment is a little complicated that it is better to use it corporate with your friend, you can know the dice game result which told by your friends from walkie-talkie to mini earpiece. With this porcelainous bowl scanner as if the X ray detector, you also can monitor the members of players who on the fly in the dice games.