Daubing Poker Cards

Marked cards, also be called marked playing cards, which are made with special ink which is invisible to people's naked eyes, maybe it is known by almost all people. But what people don't realize that even if the ink, there are also can be classified as various types. When search in Internet, the Google maybe recommended Daubing Poker Cards to you, actually, these special playing cards is one kind of marked cards.

Doubling poker cards, named by the processing ways for marking cards. If the marked cards poker is supplied by the professional marked cards manufacturer, they usually use the card marking printer machine to mark, this is the marked cards the supplier named. For daubing poker cards, it is usually made by people who use the ink to mark by hand or make the juice ink to mark special markings on paper or some objects for entertainment or hide their secret, of course, some people will use them to mark cards.

Because different material of cards need marked with different invisible ink, that is why use the same invisible ink, some people can work well while somebody not. It is so do with the juice daubing ink.

Lemon Juice Invisible Ink

The luminous juice ink is very easy to make, just use some fresh fruit, orange, lemon, watermelon, strawberry, and mango and so on, making juice invisible ink is a lot of fun. If you are interested, you can try it.

Ok, so back to daubing poker cards, many people use the home-made juice luminous ink to daub on the backside of poker cards, when then ink dry, the markings are concealable and if you want to see them, need to work with specail luminous ink readers.

Usually, the daubing marked cards will be called juice marked cards commonly, because of the juice dust card marking method, without any specail treatment, the markings on the home-made juice dust daubing cards poker will disappearance very quickly due to the oxidizing reaction. But the invisible ink marked cards from the marked playing cards supplier don't have this problem.

Some poker player try to home-made the juice ink to mark the cards when in the poker game, but actually, it is not suggest, because it is very easy to be found by other and the effect is not ideal as they image.

Of course, these are another types of tools can be use to daub the cards, the cards oil and special ring. But use rarely.

Special Oil To Mark Cards In Game

There is a same point of the juice daubing poker cards and infrared luminous ink marked cards, that is, if you want to detect the marks, please use the GS infrared contact lenses or luminous infrared ink glasses for playing cards.