Copag marking poker cards for contact lenses

Due to the useful and helpful characteristic, Copag marked playing cards are popular by different poker players from different country.

Copag is a famous poker card brand. All of our poker cards are imported from foreign countries and then processed to be invisible ink marked cards poker. Now, we will introduce the Copag back marked cards. This is a kind of plastic material poker cards. The back designs of Copag marked playing cards are two colors: red and blue. And these two different colors will be decided to make different marks. But they need to work together with a pair of infrared sunglasses or luminous invisible ink contact lenses.

First, to the red back Copag marked playing cards we usually make the marks on the back with black or white color and these marks maybe are the big letters or numbers in the middle or the small signs in four corners.

Secondly, to the blue back Copag marked playing cards, we will make these marks with big signs in the middle and these marks are usually white colors.

However, if our customers have other special requirement for these marks which is doable, we can meet their demand. Our Copag luminous contact lenses marked cards poker are processed by the best invisible ink formula and they are for playing Texas Holdem and Omaha poker game, of course, Baccarat, Blackjack as well as Flash are OK too.