Copag marked poker cards for luminous ink contact lenses

Copag cards are considered as the finest playing cards of any card game by the knowledgeable poker players. Copag poker cards are made from 100% PVC material, when use them Copag plastic card poker, they are usually expected longer than 50 times.

Due to the excellent quality and great fame of the Copag playing cards, our technicians developed the magic invisible ink formula which can used to mark invisible ink markings on the backs of each piece Copag cards poker. Different from the regular invisible ink to juice for marking cards, the infrared luminous ink are fixed with various special material and suitable for marking all kinds of Copag cards perfectly.

What the invisible ink markings be used for?

As we know, if you playing the poker card games, no one can know the cards the rivals will hold pre-flop. However, if you are playing with this magic Copag marked playing cards, just need to wear a pair of infrared contact lenses for invisible ink, or the best poker sunglasses, you can find the secret invisible ink markings on the back of Copag juice marked cards to know the cards distribution in advance. While others can not know anything because the Copag cards are same as the regular from the color to tactility, and they do not have the magic marked cards detector.

Of course, we also have other brand marked cards poker, such as the Fournier Spanish magic marked deck, Modiano luminous marked cards, marked Bicycle deck and so on. If you want to buy marked cards, welcome to contact us at any time!