Copag Casual marked cards poker

Copag Casual marked cards poker is one of the best marked cards in market, they are finely processed from high quality Copag Casual deck with stringent marked cards printer by out skillful technicians.
Made of 100% PVC plastic, Copag Casual decks are completely washable and extremely durable. Each deck of this set of Copag Casual marked cards poker features bridge size and jumbo index. includes two decks and packaged together in a transparent hard plastic case, the backs of this cards are in vibrant and colorful design, one is white or brown and another one is brown and black.
We can process this Copag Casual decks as two kinds of marked decks: one is marked the invisible ink markings on the backsides of each piece of card, that is back magic marked deck, only wearing the luminous ink contact lenses for playing cards or luminous perspective sunglasses that can detect the ink can you see the marks indicates the value and suit of corresponding card clearly. Another one is Copag Casual marked barcode deck, we will print the invisible barcode along the edges of each piece of card, you only can know the barcode information by the poker scanning software instead of marked cards lenses. What is more, working this scanner marked cards with Texas Holdem analyzer, you can know the accurate poker game result in advance.
We also can process other playing cards as ultimate marked deck, such as Fournier marked playing cards, Modiano marked cards magic, Bicycle ultimate marked deck, marked BEE cards, Aviator luminous marked cards, KEM invisible ink marked cards and so on.