Contact Lenses That Can See Invisible Ink

Among the playing cards cheating devices, the marked playing cards contact lenses that can see invisible ink is the one easiest to operate, what is more, they can be used for long time and no side-effect to your eyes.

We process the original imported contact lenses with special infrared ink filter in the center of the lenses. After being processed, the center of the lenses looks dark purple and that can see invisible ink. These poker cheating contact lenses can be used in all kinds of environment, but the more white the light is, the effect is better and you can see the luminous ink markings on the backsides of marked deck of cards very clearly. That is, with this marked playing cards contact lenses, you can know your rivals cards and pre-decide how to win the game.

These marked deck cards contact lenses that can see invisible ink is very easy to use, and unlike the regular prescription contact lenses, the one we supply will not change your eyes color, when you wear them, they will concealable in your eyes and others around you is hard to find.