Cigarette box scanning camera lens

Have you ever used cigarette box camera lens with poker analyzer in Texas Holdem? This excellent scanning camera lens could help to increase your chances in poker game secretly. 

Inside the cigarette box scanner, there is a mini HD camera lens. It can be used to scan any kind of barcode marked cards. The cigarette box camera lens is a short distance camera lens, but we can customize the scanning distance you need. When you put it on the poker table, it will scan barcode marked cards automatically. Scanning camera lens is helpful and useful, other poker players will not find any flaw. By the way, the cigarette box scanning camera lens is fit for any kind of poker analyzer, such as CVK350 poker analyzer, K3 poker analyzer system app, PK King poker winner system. And cigarette box scanning camera lens is suitable for many poker games: Texas, Omaha4 and Blackjack.