Cigarette box barcode playing cards scanner

There are many kinds of playing cards scanner for poker analyzer in market, and the short scanning distance will be a good choice for Texas Holdem or Omaha games, such as the cigarette box playing cards scanning camera.
This magic cigarette box barcode playing cards scanner is suitable for both dealer as well as players, it can scan the invisible ink barcode marked on the edges of each piece of cards and transmit the information to poker analyzers which connected before. Generally, the scanning distance of this magic cigarette poker camera lens is 20-50cm. You can work it with Texas Holdem poker analyzer, CVK poker hand analyzer, AKK poker analyzer device, PK King poker winner predictor, Iphone poker analyzer software and so on.
This cigarette box playing cards scanner is very easily to operate, only need to turn it on before the games and place it on the poker table, and it will scan the barcode marked playing cards automatically.