Cheating technology used in casino today

This article explains some of the cheating technology actively being used in casinos today

Dealers are trained to report suspicious behavior that may allude to cheating. But dealers are human, and are easily fooled by professional players. Just take for example a magician that can make something seemingly disappear, even with your close observation.

Marked cards

Environments where cards can be handled create the possibility for cheating. Marked cards are quite common but more so in private games. You’ve probably heard of them but in case you havent: basically special ink can be added to cards. The ink is invisible to the naked eye, but can be seen with infrared cameras and special lenses.

Card counting devices

Card counters are not new, but the technology is developing very rapidly. Just consider how quickly mobile phone technology has evolved. But cheating devices are not necessarily built into mobile phones. In some cases, they may be the perfect cover at the table, such as power bank barcode cards scanner.