Card Marking Ink For Cheating

Many people are looking for the professional card marking ink to mark cards by their selves. What is the power of marking cards?

At first, the card marking methods is to change small details on the back of the cards, but this is obsolete, the pros are trained and can catch that markings easily. Because of this, the new card marking technique is developed, which is card marking luminous ink!

Luminous ink is the most professional and newest method to mark cards! This magic luminous ink is invisible to the naked eye and only with the luminous ink reader can you see the clear markings on the backs of invisible ink marked cards. In a word, the card marking ink is the best method to mark cards to date.

Why the card marking ink so magic? The card marking ink is a magic special compound which can burns into the playing cards. After marking, it will last the life of the poker cards and will not fade. Using this luminous ink recipe to mark cards is very convenient and fast. With the luminous card marking ink, you can mark all kinds of red backed paper based playing cards to cheat or fool people around you in various occasions.

The power of card marking ink is the power to cheat and fool your opponent in entertainment or gambling poker card games!

Card marking ink