Card Game Cheat Contact Lenses

Marked cards contact lenses are well known by those who used or using marked cards. As we known, the marked cards are made with the special invisible ink, the markings made with this special luminous ink is invisible to naked eyes, then we will utilize some special tricks to detect it. The marked cards contact lenses or luminous ink glasses are prior choice.

However, generally, the luminous ink contact lenses are more popular than the marked cards glasses. Which mainly because of following 3 reasons:

1. Security. The poker cheating contact lenses are customized for different colors eyes need, we will provide the best suitable infrared contacts accordance with the colors of your eyes. After wearing the card game cheat contact lenses, the color of your eyes will not be changed and if others not check your eyes very carefully, no one can find that you use them. Of course, the marked decks sunglasses also are processed skillfully, however, if other asks you to borrow this marked cards glasses for a try, when they also see the markings, they will know the secret.

2. Using effects. Playing cards cheating tricks contact lenses are closer to your cornea, when use the contact lenses for playing cards and poker cheating glasses to see the markings on the magic marked cards, you will find that the luminous contact lenses can help you to see the markings clearer.

Playing Cards Cheating Tricks Contact Lenses

3. Personal preferences. Some people don't like using sunglasses whole prefer to contacts, because they think that the sunglasses are not convenient to use and carry as the contact lenses. Think about it, if you wear sunglasses, you will pay attention not to lose it, while once you wearing the contact lenses, they can work until you remove them. On the contrary, some people will regards contact lenses are too close to the eyes cornea; they don't like the feeling of contacts. But this is just depends on the personal preferences.

Marked Cards Contact Lenses Poker Cheating Glasses

Generally, most of people prefer to the luminous ink contact lenses. And in market, there are many kinds of contact lenses for playing cards cheating devices, such as infrared contact lenses, UV contact lenses, omnipotent contact lenses, X ray contact lenses.

Just as their name implies, the infrared contact lenses are designed for the infrared ink marked playing cards; the UV contact lenses are for ultraviolet invisible ink marked cards; the omnipotent marked cards contact lenses are developed by our technicians which can be used to detect both the UV and IR luminous ink markings; for the X ray contact lenses for playing cards, there is many videos on the internet that show they can used to see through the regular playing cards from the back side, but actually, to date, this magic lenses are still not developed. On one hand, he existing technology not up to such high level to develop it; on another hand, provided this magic lenses is existed, the government will not allow it to spread. Why? If this lenses can see through the playing cards, why don't they can see through other else objects? Because of the ideal magic effect of this infrared contact lenses, the gamble X ray contact lenses we sell are for see through many different kinds of invisible marked cards, just same as they can help user to see through the playing cards.

Card game poker cheating contact lenses are the basic luminous ink reader for sale, but no matter what kind of products, they are impossible to suitable for all people in the world; if you are interested in these magic luminous infrared contact lenses for playing cards, please contact our professional sales for more information firstly.