BMW car key playing cards spy lens

BMW playing cards scanner is a magic poker camera which can be used with various kinds of poker analyzer to scan the barcode marked poker cards.

BMW are inserted a concealable poker camera lens inside for scanning marked deck cards. Due to the perfect procession, no one can find its secret from the appearance as well as tactility. This BMW car key poker predictor scanner is very easy to operate. When in the poker card games, you just need to place it on the poker card table and toward the juiced barcode marked cards, they will scanning the invisible ink marked poker cards with invisible ink barcode at the edges automatically. Once the poker odds calculator receive the barcode signal which sent from the BMW car key marked cards scanner, they can analyze the data to get the accurate poker game result before the game are dealt.

Besides the BMW playing cards scanning camera, we also have Benz car key scanning camera, Audi car key poker card reader, Toyota car key poker spy card reader as well as other playing card spy lens for selling.