Best Sunglasses 2018

A pair of sunglasses looks very simple, that is, two pieces of colored glass or plastic in a plastic or metal frame. Is it even simpler than this? In fact, two glass lenses can make a lot of difference, and these differences can have a big impact when you use sunglasses. For different purpose, we usually can classify them in accordance with the purpose for sun-shading, fashion accessories and custom-made for special needs.

1. Sun-Shading Sunglasses

The so-called sun-shading sunglasses, as the name suggests, it is used for sunshade, people in the sun usually rely on adjusting the size of the pupil to adjust the luminous flux, when the light intensity exceeds the ability of the human eye to adjust, it will cause damage to the human eye. Therefore, in outdoor activities, especially in the summer, many people use sunshades to block the sun to reduce the fatigue caused by eye adjustment or the damage caused by strong light stimulation. The color of sun-shade sunglasses is particle darker to get the best effect.

Best Sunglasses 2018

2. Fashion Accessories Sunglasses

Compared with sun-shade sunglasses, the color of this type is lighter. Light-colored sunglasses are not as good as sunshade mirrors, but they are rich in color and are suitable for using with all kinds of clothing. They have a strong decorative effect. Light-colored sunglasses are favored by young people because of their rich colors and diverse styles. Fashion women are more fond of them. But usually, the key highlight of fashion sunglasses is the style instead of quality; the wearer pays attention to the decoration, not the protection function. In international standard, the quality regulation of them is less strict.

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3. Custom-Made Sunglasses

Special-purpose sunglasses have a strong function of blocking sunlight or detecting the invisible ink which can't be found by naked eyes. Some of them are commonly used in beaches, skiing, mountain climbing, golf and other fields with strong sunlight; their UV resistance and other indicators have higher requirements. However, for the good poker glasses reviews to detect invisible ink, they are popular in poker magic show or making trick to impress friend, even some poker players get edges with them in poker games, this requires strictly on both protection of eye and UV detecting ability.

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Therefore, there is indeed a difference between the various sunglasses. Choosing the right, quality sunglasses will maximum protection and advantage for your specific purpose.