Best Marked Cards Kit

In the playing cards game, which can know the cards distribution or predict the game result in advance, he will be the only king of the game. To be the king, just need a deck of professional marked cards and the luminous ink readers.

If you want to know what poker cards you opponents have, the professional contact lenses marked cards and infrared cheating lens is a good choice. If you want to know the poker game result directly, the poker analyzer and barcode marked deck is highly recommended.

The kit with marked cards and infrared contact lenses. The marked cards is made with the newest luminous ink which is invisible to naked eyes, and after marking on the playing cards, the markings can last for long time. The magic marked cards we provide can't be detected under most of the LED light and lamp, only the special luminous ink reader, luminous ink contact lenses or glasses that can see ink can help you to read the invisible ink markings. If you are the very first time to use this magic kit, please get used to them gradually, because after wearing the luminous ink readers, the vision you see will turn to purplish.

Marked Cards And Infrared Ink Reader

The poker analyzer and barcode marked cards poker set. Different from the marked deck for poker cheating lens, the barcode marked poker cards only can be read by the special poker camera or the mini camera lens inside the analyzer. But please note that only the analyzer can analysis the barcode marked playing cards information and report the game result to you.

Poker Analyzer And Barcode Marked Cards Poker Set

How they work:

1. The scanner scans the barcode marked deck;

2. After collecting the barcode card information, the poker scanner camera will send the information to poker analyzer;

3. The poker hand analyzer receive and analysis the barcode data and gain the accurate result;

4. You can hear the game result via mini earpiece secretly.

Usually, the poker analyzer and marked deck kit is expensive than the contact lenses and marked cards combo, but they can work very effectively with high privacy. If you have question about the products and want to select the best suitable one, please contact our professional sale foe details.

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