Baccarat poker-exchanging table

Different marked cards kit for selling in our have different functions for helping user to win the poker games easily. Such as the marked playing cards, invisible ink contact lenses, luminous infrared ink, poker hand odds calculator, poker scanner camera, cheating playing cards shoe. Here, we are gonna to introduce the magic Baccarat exchanging cards table for you.

From the exterior design, there is nothing special about our Baccarat poker table for exchanging cards compared to those commonly used in poker clubs and casinos, however, there is a secret poker exchanger installed inside the tabletop. The poker exchanger can be used to switch one card in your hand for another one hidden in it.

In order to cheat in Baccarat, you need to hide a card ( a regular poker card, no need to be processed ) in the poker exchanger in advance. During the poker card games, if the cards hidden can make a better hand for you, you can use this magic poker exchanger to exchange the useless card as the one you do need. If you make a full charge of this magic poker table before the card games, it can keep working for many hours.

If you order our Baccarat poker exchanger, our poker professionals will teach you how to use the poker exchanger until you can handle it well. This service is free of charge! If you are interested in this magic playing cards table or other magic playing cards trick tools, welcome to contact us for more information at any time.