Automatic poker camera lens for scanning barcode cards

Nowadays, many poker hand analyzer are developed and has a built-in poker scanning camera inside for scanning barcode marked cards, not necessary to work with external marked cards scanner. However, the scanning distance of these poker scanner has some limitation.

There are so many kinds of poker cheat scanner for sale in our company, they are all the automatic one, that means they are very convenient to operate. Different from the one in the poker winner analyzer, these individual poker camera lens have various style and can be customized as special requirement.

1. The scanning distance. No matter how far you want, we can customized them for you. 20 - 40cm, 20 - 80cm, 80 - 100cm, 1.5 - 2.5m, 2.5 - 3.5 m etc., you can find the best suitable to meet your need.

2. The various types. To make the scanner more confidential and safe to use, the playing cards scanning camera we supply can set into different items, like mobile phone, car key, lighter, water bottle, tissue box, wristwatch, wall clock, be inserted in the wall, the button and so on. No matter which one you choose, they can help you to cheat in poker games confidential.

3. Multi-purpose. The poker analyzer scanning camera can be used with all types of poker cheat system, such as CVK poker analyzer, AKK poker hand analyzer, PK King poker analyzer, LD poker analyzer, the sixth generation poker analyzer device...

Are you interested in them? If you want to have you own special poker cheat camera, just contact us to buy!