Automatic Baccarat shuffler poker camera

Do you know that the automatic Baccarat poker shuffler can be a poker cheating device to increase the odds for you to win the games?
We normally hide a poker card scanner inside the automatic card shufflers of different sizes: small size for holding 2 playing cards, medium size for holding 4 or 6 card decks, big size for holding 8 card decks. The playing cards camera is too concealable to be discovered by other poker players. This automatic Baccarat poker camera can read barcodes marked cards quickly, accurately and stably, then collecting the information of the cards and last transfer the data to a poker analyzer.
Both the barcode marked decks and poker analyzer ( like CVK 500 poker analyzer, AKK poker analyzer device and PK King poker analyzer system ) are also available from our company. In order for the poker analyzer to tell you the Baccarat poker results, it must be analyzed, the results will be shown on the screen of the poker analyzer, telling you if the Banker wins or the Player wins or Ties before the cards are dealt. You can bet according to the results you have had known in advance.
Besides, this automatic cards shuffler poker camera can also be used in Blackjack, another kind of popular poker game. It can let users know the points of all cards and how to Hit or Stop the next cards in Blackjack. If you are interested in our automatic cheating card shuffler, please do not hesitate to contact us!