AKK poker analyzer device for poker games

AKK poker analyzer device is a perfect partner for helping poker players to forecast the outcomes of different poker games. There are two kinds of AKK poker analyzer devices for sale: regular AKK poker analyzer system and all in one AKK poker hand analyzers.
The regular AKK poker analyzer devices such as AKK K2 poker out calculator and AKK K3 poker winner predictor, they need to work with various kinds of poker camera lenses to forecast the outcomes of various poker games. After received the barcode marked cards information which sent out from the poker scanners, then they will analyze the data and report the result quickly.
The all in one AKK poker hand analyzer has a mini playing cards scanning lens inside that it no need to work with an extra poker camera, such as AKK K4 poker analyzer system, AKK A1 poker hand odds calculator. When the barcode marked decks are placed into its scanning range, it will scan and analyze them, then sent out the poker game result automatically. However, this all in one poker hand analyzer also can be worked with exterior playing cards scanning camera for scanning edged marked poker cards.
All the AKK series poker winner predictors can be used in Texas Holdem, Omaha, Blackjack as well as other poker card games, you can find the most suitable one from our company easily.