AKK poker analyzer and car key poker camera

When playing poker card games, you need to guess your rivals' cards and make a plan of how to win them in a short time. At his time, the accurate predicting of cards is very essential. Here, our AKK poker hand analyzer and car key marked poker cards scanner is an excellent kit that customize for you!

The AKK poker hand analyzer is a magic poker winner predictor which has a similar appearance as the regular mobile phone, you can use it to make phone call, send message, surf the internet and so on. What is more, you also can use it to calculate the accurate poker card games result before the game outcome is revealed. Although this magic poker hand out calculator has a local poker camera lens inside, if you want to have a longer scanning range, a extra poker scanner camera is a good choice, such as the car key poker camera scanner.

The poker camera car key is looks same as the regular car key, But when you place it towards to the barcode marked poker cards, it can search and scan the invisible ink markings on the edge sides of marked playing cards and then pass the secret of them to the poker hand analyzer AKK to analyze, then you can get the poker game result secretly and easily.

Of course, we also have other poker hand odds calculators and poker scanner camera for sale, if you are interested in them, please refer to our website or contact our customer service for more information.