AKK A1 poker cheat system

The AKK A1 poker winner predictor is a magic poker cheat software which can help poker players to cheat in various kinds of poker card games, just as Texas Holdem, Omaha 4, Baccarat, Honda...

Different from the regular poker analyzer devices, the AKK A1 have large scanning camera of its local poker camera lens. The magic playing cards scanner inside AKK A1 poker cheat software can read the barcode cards with 360 degree. For example, the regular poker calculator only can scan the barcode marked poker cards in the horizontal direction, while the scanner of the AKK A1 can read the cards even you hold them in hand. No matter you are dealing the cards or place the marked cards poker on poker table, the playing cards analyzer can scan the analyze the barcode information on the edges of the barcode juiced cards to let you know the result or what is the next cards to be dealt in advance.

Have not used the magic poker cheating system before? It is OK, because we will have a operation direction goes with the analyzer, and our customer service are online at your service.