AKK A1 poker analyzer for 2 decks of cards in Baccarat

The updated AKK A1 poker hand analyzer has enjoyed a good reputation for the great role it plays in poker cheating in various kinds of poker card games.

The HD built-in poker camera scanner

The scanning camera are processed with the high quality imported high definition scanning camera, they can be used to scanning and catching the invisible ink barcode marking on the edges of each piece of cards easily and accurately.

Far distance one to one mini earpiece

Different from the old version playing cards scanning system, the one of AKK A1 poker hand out calculator is the one to one type, it has a special frequency which match to different AKK A1 marked cards analyzer. That is to say, when it the Baccarat playing cards game, the AKK A1 poker calculator scanning and reporting the cards point and suit to you, others cannot hear anything even they also wear the mini earpiece. Is it very confidential?

Analyzing 2 decks of cards at one time

The old version poker analyzer systems only can be used to scan and analyze one deck o cards, while in Baccarat, the dealer shuffle two decks of cards at a time, they do not work, while the AKK A1 poker winner predictor will not have this problem, they can work smoothly and report the cards accurately.

Is it very magic? If you are interested in this functional AKK A1 poker hand odds calculator, please contact us to buy.