Advantages of LED in poker table

Do you really need LED’s in your poker table? Probably not.

But scientists from leading institutions have concluded that LEDs increase feelings of exhilaration at the poker table precisely 327% (statistic not vetted). Totally worth it.

Imagine the ability to change the feel and mood of your game instantly, this is what The Lumen HD Poker Table brings to your game. A spacious (101.5in x 46in), ten player plus dealer “kidney bean” shaped poker table that is accented by its signature, remote controlled waterproof LED trim. Solid wood “Napa” pedestal legs gives the Lumen HD a strong stance with a clean look which does not overpower the beauty of the gaming surface.

What is more, the brightness of LED will affect the scanning distance of barcode playing cards scanner and the reporting speed of poker analyzer winning system. No matter in which aspect, LED play a big role in poker game, why not try poker table with LED.